Wouldn't it be amazing if you...

…overcame the fear of live streaming with some easy tips and tricks?

...looked like a natural pro when you talk to the camera without reading from a script?

...could easily generate a list of topics to talk about because you're clear on your message?

...finally made that FIRST video, and it became easier + more fun with time?

Are you ready to feel like a rockstar?

You see other mompreneurs or bloggers doing it. Going live on Facebook. Creating weekly branded video clips. And you just sit idly by because you can’t seem to find the courage to hit that front-facing camera icon on your iPhone.

It's time to cross "first video" off your to-do list

I am telling you that people want to see your beautiful face and hear your inspiring story. Someone will always be nodding along, shouting, “YES! YES! YES!”

Maybe you just aren't sure where to start?

How do I structure a video? What pieces of gear do I have to buy? How the hell do I even setup my set? Wait, I need a set?! Well, no not really. Because even I don’t have a dedicated studio space. But you do need to learn the video basics: audio, lighting, composition, camera angles/movement, and editing. Thanks to technology you have a great little production assistant in your iPhone and with me as your guide, you’ll be creating professional vids in no time!

This is for you if...

  • You're totally a mamarazzi and don’t have the courage in get in front of the camera
  • You are so jelly of other momBosses who go live on Facebook and make vids like it’s nothing
  • You KNOW you need to be making awesome video content but have no idea where to start
  • You don’t have a massive marketing budget, so hiring a production company is so not an option
  • You’re not super techy, but know how to navigate your smartphone
  • You have a unique story and mission and want to shout it from the rooftops (or at least YouTube)
  • You are ready to create high quality content that you can REPURPOSE across all channels
  • You're ready to push yourself and take your biz to the next level!

So how can I help?

When I started gossBoss I knew that I needed to stand out from the massive crowd in the online entrepreneurial world so I did the only thing I knew would help. I made videos.

I put myself out there – wet hair and makeup-free – and made 2 YouTube videos about my new experiences as a mompreneur. And then I booked my first clients. No website, no sales funnel - just a couple 2-minute videos.

I introduced myself and other momBosses felt inspired.

I pulled from my over 11 years working in production (5 of which as part-owner of a full-service production company) and poured my heart into building an online presence through moving images. 

And people watched and listened.

So I keep, keepin’ on. I make weekly video content for my vlog, check-in daily on Facebook Live, and I consistently book clients. 

This is possible for you and your business! You are made for more and video will get you there, I just know it.


·       Be confident, courageous, and sure of your role as a momBoss!

·       Get over your fear of a little lens (that is measured in MILLIMETERS) and hop in FRONT of the camera!

·       Take a deeper look at your branding and figure out how to make videos that are ON-BRAND and what you’re alllll about.

·       Learn the video basics that will take your vids to Level: PROFESH.

·       Understand the different types of vid and what’s most effective for your brand and audience.

·       Practice hands-on techniques for setup, filming, and editing your very own biz video. That’s it, you heard it here first.

·     You’ll finish the program with a completed video you can promote, share, and post EVERYWHERE!!

What's included?

Week 1: Personal Development – 

  • 1-hour on the phone to figure out any struggles/hesitation with using video and overcoming initial blocks and fears + creating confidence. Together we’ll define your BIG WHY to get on video.
  • getting on camera - finding the tone and attitude that feels comfortable to you, your brand, and your audience - so you can talk naturally and fluidly.
  • working on techniques to help - getting crystal clear on your plan of action so you can confidently get on camera again and again.

Week 2: Branding

  • 1-hour on the phone to discuss your branding and overall message - being clear about who you’re serving and how you can make your message about THEM
  • review of current materials and making sure videos are on-brand - ensuring your viewers know that it’s REALLY you, week after week
  • guidance on how to incorporate videos into your brand - make sure you have consistent videos that match your attitude, style and tone (no, you don’t have to have a studio like Marie Forleo!)

Week 3: Video marketing –

  • 1-hour on Skype to learn how to create the type of videos your ideal clients want to watch, so you'll have a plan going forward
  • discuss how to do the prep work and write for video, so that you're ready to write your first outline and script
  • learn basic video techniques including camera angles/movement, lighting, audio, composition, etc. because after you learn them you'll be ready to film your vid

Week 4: Video marketing ctd. 

  • 1-hour on Skype to review your produced video clips - I may not be physically there to guide you through the filming process, but I'll make sure your clips are top-notch
  • hands-on training of video editing software - you'll take the video clips you've filmed, edit them together, add in some voiceovers or music, and VOILA! 
  • learn where to post your video online and how best to promote it - video increases your visibility but only if you know where to put it


*payment plans available upon request

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