A Photographer's Photo Shoot Prep


After 2.5 years, I’m pretty transparent about my business. There’s not much I keep to myself because I believe that someone, somewhere will benefit from what I’m saying. That being said, I wanted to outline the planning and prep that is involved in a typical “batch” day as I call them. I like to host them quarterly as an option for women who want hair and makeup onsite and an hour session with me in the studio. I started them when I moved into my studio in 2018 and the days were such a hit I kept hosting them!

But the point of sharing this process with you is that I want everyone to understand how much thought and care goes into making this day run as smooth as possible and carefree for you! And while your GossBoss experience may be a bigger investment it is simply because we don’t just show up at your call time and shoot.

2-3 Months in advance:

  • Schedule the day on shared studio calendar

  • Secure photo assistant

  • Reach out and secure onsite vendors including makeup artist and hair stylist (sometimes this can take a while because most of vendors focus on weddings and book up super fast)

  • Begin selling/book spots (up to 5 available for a batch day of shooting like Feb 10)

  • 15 minute fitting calls to make sure this is a perfect fit for clients and their business, as needed


1 month in advance:

  • Set up Pinterest board and begin pinning ideas for clothing, hair, makeup and shoot looks based on conversation with client

  • Shop for decor and accessories for studio based on clients’ branding. For this specific series of shoots, I kept it pretty neutral and picked up some smaller pops of color/personality to add in as desired. Decor included: canvas painting, fake flowers and plant, pillows, matching coffee table and end table, candle, notebooks, and spiked gold balls for table

  • Create mood boards based on client Pinterest boards or photo inspo sent


1-2 weeks in advance:

  • Send final email confirmations to clients and vendors with studio address, parking information, etc.


Night before shoot:

  • Charge camera batteries and format memory cards

  • Pack car with camera gear including, but not limited to: tripod, ring light, purchased studio decor, slider, and tables

  • Purchase pastries and drinks for clients/vendors

Day of:

  • Wake up early and caffeinate!

  • Pick up assistant

  • Arrive at studio and unpack car onto dolly carts and take up to the sixth floor

  • Unload equipment and decor in the studio and start setting up each “scene” or area of my studio, including backdrop stand and backdrops as needed

  • Greet vendors and continue setting up

  • Two hours later the first client is ready and WE FINALLY SHOOT PHOTOS!

Interested in a brand photo session?! I’m happy to shoot in studio or on location. Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!