Stories Behind the Snap: Angela Herdman


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the Marie Kondo method - something about “sparking joy.” I personally don’t have much time to binge watch Netflix, but I’ve seen the posts on social media. As much as I prefer shooting in my studio, I still love to shoot wherever “sparks joy” for you. And that place for Angie Herdman is her in-home lash studio: His and Herdy’s.

On my busiest production weekend to date, I was able to squeeze in a headshot session for Angie. She was a bit nervous, but after chatting mom things in between shots, she felt more at ease and it showed in her photos.

Angie has been doing lashes for over 6 years and just moved into her new space last year. It’s perfect for servicing clients and has such beautiful natural light it just made me feel so warm and welcome! Her services include lash extensions, lash lifts and tints, eyebrow waxes, and eyebrow microblading.

Something worth mentioning from our conversation was the whole “work-at-home mom” life we both live. It’s hard to explain to others that don’t live this way, but it’s incredibly challenging to constantly be torn in two directions: raising babies and growing a business. It’s almost as if you’ll never be fully supported in your decision to tackle both as some people expect you to be 100% fully invested in being a mom, while others want your undivided attention for biz tasks when you’re trying to potty train your toddler or feed your hungry baby.

Speaking for myself, I never set out to be an entrepreneur. I was only interested in following the typical path and climbing the corporate ladder while letting someone else make the important decisions. Until I just wasn’t anymore. Now it’s the only way I want to live my life: by my standards and only doing what makes my heart happy.

So thank you to my clients that understand my current lifestyle is a hybrid of most of my love: my kids and my camera.

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