Family Photo Shoot

I’m sure you often hear about photographers’ disdain of having THEIR photo taken. That we quite like it behind the camera, out of the spotlight. I’m kinda 50/50 on this. Growing up I loveddd the spotlight, but now it’s admittedly more uncomfortable. But I’m no hypocrite! So even at 4.5 months postpartum I committed to family portraits by one of my favorite Pittsburgh photographers (and assistants) Julie Kahlbaugh of JKFotohaus.


When I got the photos back all I did was critique the way I looked and I did for a while. I scanned through and found the ones where I thought I looked “less fat” than others. Looking back now over a year later I’m glad we had the photos done and I have worked hard on celebrating that time in my life versus criticizing it.

What’s interesting about our family portraits is that they aren’t the style of which I shoot my company’s photos - very different in fact. I absolutely love the photojournalistic feel of Julie’s work, which is why I hired her for family photos again in 2019. Give me a candid, matte black & white photo of my babies and I’m a puddle on the floor. The photos are classic, timeless, and subtly resemble film photography.


The biggest takeaway/memory from our photo session this year was that my husband suggested we get a photo taken together. We rarely take photos together (even selfies) and so this was a big deal! And it warmed my heart so much that he wanted it done. BUT the best photo of the day was where we are on the bench and Everett and Cecelia are literally running circles around us while we cheese for the camera. Oh, it’s so much of that Instagram vs. reality world we live in haha!

Thank you, Julie for always beautifully capturing the moments I will terribly miss one day. You can follow her on Instagram here @julieanne514 or Facebook here @jkfotohaus.


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