LimeLife by Alcone - a GossBoss personal project

Julie is wearing Perfect Blush in Peachy (on cheeks and eyes) and Enduring Lip Color in Creme Brulee.

Julie is wearing Perfect Blush in Peachy (on cheeks and eyes) and Enduring Lip Color in Creme Brulee.

I think sometimes as a visual creative you can fall into the trap of “expected.” Your audience expects the same editing style, poses, or locations. It’s up to the creator to reinvent and challenge themselves because it allows them to learn and grow and could possibly create a new wave of clients.

Before this project, I had only shot on a backdrop a couple times and certainly never one so vibrant. I keep telling everyone I’m not a “pink person,” but in reality, I really love it for my biz!

In working with some local makeup artists I discovered LimeLife by Alcone, a line of makeup and skincare used by industry professionals. I loved how the products looked on camera and so I decided to sign on as a partner. LimeLife began as a family-owned company in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry. Now they are expanding our reach to help women and men everywhere look their best every day with our all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes.

One of my missions with GossBoss is to help women feel more confident. It's amazing that some colorful lipstick or long lashes can really help lift your mood and give that you extra "umph" needed in your business or personal life. 



For this personal project, I put a call-out for models and quickly filled the slots. We gathered at my studio and the ladies started getting ready for the shoot by using some LimeLife makeup products I had on-hand. I put on some music and I shot with each gal for about 15 minutes each.

The images were something straight out of a full brand campaign! The pink was so lively and so were the models. I’m happy to have this portfolio of images for my LimeLife biz and GossBoss too. I’m so glad I took the leap and ordered this super fun backdrop and plan to use it in upcoming shoots!

Featured products (all are clickable links to shop the product)
- Enduring Lip Color (long lasting liquid-to-matte lipstick)
- Perfect Lip Gloss (non-sticky gloss)
- Perfect Mascara (professional fiber mascara)
- Perfect Blush (highly pigmented for colorful, but natural glow)