Stories Behind the Snap: Clare Lozano, See Jane Blush

*Stories Behind the Snap is a look into my journey as a visual storyteller - bringing you the behind-the-scenes story of my photo and video shoots. There's always more to the story. 


Clare Lozano

From the moment I saw Clare at my first video marketing workshop in February 2018 I knew I wanted to work with her. She was so chic in all black and amazing plastic specs (much like I wear myself). She has a natural but pulled together look, so I was thrilled when she booked me for new brand photos in July!

But then she told me that the photos would announce a rebrand for her makeup artistry business of 15 years. [insert “wow” emoji times ten here]. She realized that her business changed and evolved so much over that time she wanted a name and brand that reflected who she was now. I was honored and also terribly nervous. I knew she had big goals and visions with this shoot and in a long studio day where I’m taking on 5 back-to-back sessions it can already be stressful.

She arrived mostly camera ready with her first look – casual jeans and tee (but also the best tee in the world by J. Crew). Christy Pickell of Simply Captivating Salon gave her the Meghan Markle curls she’d been dreaming about.. 

Her second look was my favorite look of 2018! And will probably be a Pinterest fave because it was so well executed. Pink backdrop, white crop top, and striped Show Me Your Mu Mu pants (similar style here), plus some sparkling smiles from Clare would be how she premiered her new business name/brand to the world: See Jane Blush came to life right there in my studio.

We wrapped with her third look – all black Rachel Zoe jumpsuit – an eBay find. And Clare knows how to score on eBay; she’s always finding the best designer deals on there! I loved the simplicity of the look and she jumped right in with direction. I am pleasantly surprised when clients tell me how they want to sit/pose and it makes me feel like they’ve done some prep before the shoot too!

So often as photographers/creatives we place this enormous pressure on ourselves because we want to WOW our clients by bringing their ideas and visions to life. We have to absolutely nail it based on some outrageous standard brought on by social media and Pinterest – ha! But I truly believe that my clients know I am trying my best and really love the results of my hard work.

My videographer friend Jon caught this unprompted testimonial below from Clare (who I loved working with so much that I invited back when I got to shoot the cover for Holl and Lane Magazine a month later – more on that to come!).

That’s all I’ve ever wanted from this GossBoss business. For my clients to see themselves how I see them through my lens: beautiful, confident, and powerful women.

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