The One Word Question That Doesn't Have a Simple Answer

I can’t seem to get this one question out of my mind. Why?

Ok, there’s a little more to it. Why would someone (in their semi-right mind) ever want to be a mom?

I’ve seen the numerous posts all over Facebook mommy groups and I’ve lived through it myself: the miserable 9 months without the refuge of wine or whiskey (take your pick), the explosive poops, the epic tantrums, the lack of personal space and freedom. And oh yea, kids are crazy expensive. From any outsider, it may seem like the cons outweigh the pros. I mean the whole reason I work in marketing and not the medical field is because I DIDN’T WANT TO deal with poop on a daily basis.

E's first hair pull. 

E's first hair pull. 

Again, I can’t help but wonder - why would anyone want to go through all of this?

Because the human body can create another little human. MIND. BLOWN. My co-worker and I (both pregnant at the time) would sometimes just point at each other’s stomachs randomly and say, “There’s a person growing in there.” I would feel him kick and swim and even hiccup. It is the strangest and most fascinating experience.

Because contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t “love at first sight.” It was more like a small panic attack when they placed E on my chest. But it also meant that I get to fall in love all over again and every day that has passed my love for him has grown.

Because when they hit a milestone it’s a sense of accomplishment for you too. “My baby just crawled! All of those nights showing him what to do by doing the worm on hardwood floors paid off!” “He can eat with a spoon! The yogurt STILL in my hair from November is totally worth it!” I AM A ROCKSTAR.

Because their adorable toothless grins turn into a big gap tooth smile and then they cheese for the camera and then BOOM! - your heart explodes.

Because to him, I am the bee’s knees, the light of his life, the coolest and funniest gal he knows. My husband doesn’t even think this highly of me!

Because when he hugs me I feel the weight of the world disappear and for one moment, even if it's 30 seconds, the overwhelming amount of love between us makes everything ok.

A love like no other. 

A love like no other. 

Trust me. There are plenty of poop explosions and toddler tantrums. Plus he follows me EVERYWHERE. But, hey, at least I have wine and whiskey back.

I’m not sure this is the life for everyone (especially not for the weak, easily intimidated, or squeamish), but I think all moms can agree that we wouldn’t trade this life for any other.