Video Gear Recommendations

I have been seeing Facebook posts lately asking, "What kind of video gear do I buy if I'm just starting out?" It seems to be popping up a lot because well, 2017 is the year of video, didn't you hear? ;) 

Well friends, I want to tell you the basic (and AFFORDABLE) video gear that you need to get started on YouTube or Facebook Live. 

Even better? I went LIVE over on my biz page to chat about it. Take a look at the live sesh below!


  1. Portable or full-size, ring lights are all the rage right now because they're cheap, easy to setup, and don't create harsh shadows behind you. 
  2. Lavalier or shotgun, wired or wireless - it doesn't matter. You need to grab an external microphone so your audience can actually make out what you're saying! 
  3. Last but certainly not least, let's not re-create the Blair Witch Project. I mean that was soooo 1999 (literally). Invest in a tripod so when you use your phone for Facebook Live or a pre-recorded video you can relax and let the tripod do it's job: holding your phone still. 

BONUS TIP: If you're just starting to create videos for your biz there's no reason to go out and invest thousands of doll-hairs in top-of-the-line video equipment. Start creating with your phone! Once you nail the video basics then you can upgrade to a full-size DSLR camera or a fancy microphone. 

Want the complete checklist of the gear I recommend above?