What to Wear On Camera

Admittedly as a work-at-home mom I don't take as much pride in my outward appearance as when I worked full-time in an office. It's just easier to stay in PJs most days. 

But since I have committed to filming 1 vlog per week for my YouTube channel, I knew I needed to step up my game (at least on Fridays anyway). Getting camera ready used to feel like a hindrance until I realized that blow-drying my hair and putting on lipstick made me feel, shall I say, kind of "normal" and like a productive member of society, ha!

Often my clients ask me, "What the heck do I wear on camera?!" so I decided to sum up getting camera ready for an episode of GOSSip and gave 3 simple tips for looking good on camera. 

3 tips on what to wear on camera:

  1. Wear jewel tones - Simple solid colors like teal, royal blue, maroon, mustard yellow help you stand out on camera. Patterns are distracting and black is impossible to light. 
  2. Makeup, makeup and more makeup - Studio lights are bright and tend to wash you out, so wearing more makeup than you would on an everyday basis helps. Powder, blush, mascara, and eyeliner are non-negotiables. Throw on some lipstick to help you feel a little sassy! 
  3. Keep jewelry minimal - Super sensitive microphones mean clanging bracelets and clunky earrings are a no-go. Simple yet fun necklaces and earrings are great.