3 Basics to a Great Video: Sound Great!




Sounding great on camera...

Doesn't mean you need a full sound board. Choose a simple external microphone so your viewers can hear what you have to say (which I'm sure is amazeballs). 

Key Takeaways:

1. A lavalier or lapel microphone plugs into either the headphone jack of your smartphone or mic jack of your DSLR. Plug and play, this mic does a great job of picking up just what you have to say.

2. A shotgun mic means you're wireless, so free to move about the cabin. ;) This mic DOES pick up any background noise in addition to your voice, so keep that in mind. 

3. Having great audio is definitely a non-negotiable in having a great video.

Download the clickable gear checklists above to see my microphone recommendations!