We’ve all been there. Standing in the nasty fluorescent light in the dressing room, near tears because it’s already been hours at the mall and the only thing you have to show for it is a clearance graphic tee shirt that says, “But first coffee.”

It doesn’t have to be like that - we’re busting the top 5 clothing myths we’ve been taught as curvy women! The Curvy Course is exactly what you need to build a confident, comfortable, AND fashionable wardrobe.


Here’s the honest to goodness truth: I found myself at 31 years old with 2 kids and a body I didn’t recognize in the mirror. But I’d done a lot of mindset work up to this point realizing that I wasn’t ever going to be the size 8 I’d been most of my teen/adult life and being ok with that. I was still hiding behind big baggy tunics, cheap leggings and jeans from Target, and all black clothes because it was “slimming.”

I didn't understand why, when society/social media was now telling us to love our bodies at whatever size, I still didn't feel comfortable shopping for clothes that fit my curves. I didn’t even know where to start. I finally had enough in January 2019 and decided to hire my friend/team member Christina Stein Imberlina, a personal stylist in Pittsburgh.

We went to the mall and my mind was blown with the tips she was giving me while perusing the stores and standing in the dressing room. Maybe it was common knowledge for someone who enjoyed fashion, but for me, a work-at-home mom who couldn’t even put together the same outfits the mannequins were in, I was amazed and so excited about the possibilities of building a new, adult wardrobe that EMBRACED AND CELEBRATED my curves vs. having to hide them.

We built The Curvy Course from the shared experience during that 3-hour personal shopping trip and condensed it into 5 Curvy Girl Myths that we are busting! The old adages we have long been taught as curvy women are being tossed aside thanks to Christina, a fashion maven in her own right and a little bit of a rule breaker. ;)




You are a beautiful, strong, and powerful woman, but your wardrobe doesn’t reflect that. 

We are committed to busting 5 myths that you may believe about shopping as a woman with curves. 

Because guess what?!

It's a bunch of BS. Fashion can be fun, engaging, and unique to YOU! It's about learning a couple basic tips/techniques that will get you EXCITED to shop
(or at least not go into full blown anxiety attack in the dressing room).

The Curvy Course is for you if...

• You know you need to ditch the baggy or tight clothes and find good quality options that fit;
• You don’t have access to a local personal stylist or the budget to spend on one;
• You find yourself wearing the same old clothes that give you zero confidence;
• You don’t have a clue about using a tailor or what pieces need to be tailored specifically to your body;
• You dread the next season because it’ll be another couple months of not rocking the new trends;
• You're ready to build a new wardrobe that embraces your curves and helps you look and feel fabulous in whatever you choose!

So, how can we help?


Cristin Goss, Visual Storyteller

Cristin Goss aka GossBoss is a brand photographer and videographer. She loves helping ambitious, action-taking female entrepreneurs and business owners create fabulous branded visuals that captivate their audience and help sell more products and services. She was inspired to create this course with Christina after working with her firsthand during a personal shopping trip. As a size 12/14 Cristin was unsure how to confidently dress her curves, but now has all of the tools to shop classic pieces and the latest trends.


Christina Stein Imberlina, Personal Stylist

From Christina…

”The clothing you wear sends a message about your personality; it is a way to show others who you are and what you are all about. A carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word. Style by Christina was created to streamline your style and reflect your own unique individuality.”


Definitely worth the cost. Exceptional quality, great tips, and good chemistry. This is a great way to get women investing in themselves and really taking pride versus hiding behind their clothes.
— Sara Robinson

I look in my closet and am excited to get dressed! I walk into my meetings knowing I have the image I want to emulate and I get to do it all being 100% me.
— Kristen Ricupero

So, what's included?

5 Video Lessons and PDF Reference Guide*

Curvy Girl Myth #1 - Jeans are impossible.

• Learn how to find jeans that are comfortable and look great.  

Curvy Girl Myth #2 - Baggy dresses are my only option.
• You have a waist. Now it’s time to learn how to show it.

Curvy Girl Myth #3 - I have to hide my waist.
• Let us teach you how to find a dress with the perfect balance and shape.

Curvy Girl Myth #4 - Pretty plus-size underthings don’t exist.
• It is totally possible to find pretty plus-size underthings. Find out our personal recs!

Curvy Girl Myth #5 - Clothing straight off the rack is the be-all, end-all.
• Tailoring to your specific style and shape is worth every damn penny.

*Support is available via e-mail.

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