Words that I hear over and over again, and words that, I’m willing to bet, you’ve said more than once.

Look, I get it. I get YOU. You have a fire in your heart, a message you’re passionate about sharing, and programs that you KNOW can change people’s lives, but when the only likes you’re getting on your posts are from your Aunt Maria and college roommates, it can feel a little hard to keep going.

HERE’S THE THING: There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people out there who need you. People who need YOU more than you need them. People who would LOVE to pay you if, if only they knew you existed.


Your stories are so powerful. 

And it's so easy these days to reach a new audience when we share authentically. 

Videos provide us such a deeper level of connection that most other storytelling formats because it can spark an instant two-way conversation. 

Think of the last time you watched a powerful video. 

Did you cry? Were you moved to the point of taking action? 

Do you want to be the one giving people that reaction? 

We want you to...too!!!! 

Video storytelling impacts your soul audience. They see you & embrace your personality AND your story in a way that jumps out at them and gives them a warm hug! 

This is for you if...

• You KNOW you need to be making compelling video content but have no idea where to start;
• You don’t have a massive marketing budget, so hiring a production company is not an option;
• You’re not super techy, but know how to navigate your smartphone;
• You have a unique story and want to shout it from the rooftops (or at least YouTube);
• You don’t have to be just another talking head and you’re ready to incorporate visuals that will make people stop and stare (in the good way);
• You are ready to create high quality content that you can REPURPOSE across all channels;
• You're ready to push yourself and uplevel using video!


So how can we help?

When I started GossBoss I knew that I needed to stand out from the massive crowd in the online entrepreneurial world so I did the only thing I knew would help. I made videos.

I put myself out there and made 2 YouTube videos about my new experiences as a work-at-home mom. And then I booked my first clients. No website, no sales funnel - just a couple of 2-minute videos.

I introduced myself and others felt inspired.

I pulled from my over 13 years working in production (5 of which as part-owner of a full-service production company) and poured my heart into building an online presence through moving images.

And people watched and listened.

This is possible for you and your business! You are made for more and video will get you there, I just know it.


PLUS: Bonus Storyteller Expert, Carrie Severson

Carrie is a Soul Story Healer & Storyteller Trainer.

She blended her 20-year writing and publishing expertise with her intuitive skills so she can support female entrepreneurs as they share the messages their souls are here to express in a bigger way.

She works with clients to strategize ways they can share speeches and stories to the masses.

She uses her intuition to help clients move through the fear of sharing stories.

What's included?

• Learn how to create the type of videos your ideal clients want to watch, so you'll have a plan going forward. 

• Learn how to write the perfect script so your soul audience knows, likes and trusts you right away.

• Learn basic video techniques including camera movement, lighting, audio, composition, etc.  

Post Production
• Learn how to do video editing and work through any blocks you may be having with shooting or editing.

• Learn where to post your video online and how best to promote it - video increases your visibility but only if you know where to put it!

*All content available in easy-to-digest video lessons and PDF workbooks and cheat sheets. 
**Support is available via e-mail. 

Start your own video journey today for only $197!